Everybody has an opinion on how you should live your life, but not worrying about theirs.


107 Days

Oh man, it’s been 107 days since I’ve last posted. Not awkward at all. Well, it isn’t like I’ve been having the craziest time of my life, but things have been okay. I guess I’ll get straight to the point with some photos & a couple of synopses (plural form of “synopsis” lolfor the past 3 months. I guess there’s a couple of good reasons for my negligence

October 2017

I really don’t remember much from this month, but I KNOW I probably drunk my life away every weekend. Passed out a couple of times, spent more money than I intended on soem nights lol. Definitely went to the strip club for the first time, place called “Pin Ups“….lol ratchet, to say the least. Oh yeah, I met this dude back in July who wanted me to do clothing line with them, but slick think he’s incarcerated. Smh, nonetheless, I still appreciate people coming up to me here in Atlanta. Like I’ve said before, when you’re surround by people in a place like Chattanooga for so long, their constant comments start to take a toll on you. I knew there was nothing wrong with me in the beginning anyways lol.

November 2017

Bruh…monumental. This is when I became an “adult” with using my “PAID TIME OFF.” lol I went to Los Angeles/Long Beach for ComplexCon. This was crazy because not only this was my first time going to Los Angeles, but my first time really traveling in MY LIFE. I mean, I’ve been to Detroit & Houston before, but not on my own merit. Simply because of family trips. Oh yeah, it was my first time flying too. I was so nervous so I took 2 Benadryl(s) before my flight to LA (w/ like 3 hours of sleep) & I got the worst of it. I could not enjoy myself the first day because I was supppppppeeerrrr sick. I’m surprised I threw up. But let’s get into the actual trip.

Man, ComplexCon was okay. It was like Instagram in real life. I really don’t have much to say about the Expo because it was extreeeemllly crowded, so I couldn’t do any cool things like create my own Air Force 1 at Nike or buy some Human Made clothing at their booth. But let’s get into some details…

I WAS LITERALLY 5 FEET AWAY FROM PHARRELL. BRUH….CRAZY. We didn’t make eye contact, but man, I saw him, his wife, his son Rocket, Chad, & Shae all at the Adidas Expo where me & my homies where in line for an hour doing absolutely nothing. It’s super crazy. Also, I got a photo with Pusha T. He wasn’t really nice, but I can say that was my only time being halfway starstruck. It’s all good. It was a super surprise that N.E.R.D. debut their whole album for the concert Saturday night. Top 3 greatest experiences of my life. (“1000” is one of the best songs ever.)

Of course I”m going to leave out some details, but I saw so many celebrities like Fonzworth Bentley, Travis Barker, Big Sean (lol), Andre 3000 (from a distance but still !!!!!!), Ibn Jasper, Ian Connor, Lukka Sabbat, DRAM, A$AP Ferg (we were side by side twice in the span of 24 hours so we’re good friends now lmao), Kaytranda, & others that I can’t think of right now. I can’t believe it man like it was so crazy. Top 3 experiences ever in my life & it’s going to be hard topping that experience.

I want to travel all the time now.

December 2017

Very anti-climatic, very slow month for such a great year. To be honest, not much went on this month. If anything, this was probably the worst month of the year lol. I can’t say anything went my way this month & nothing exciting went on lol. I was glad to see my homie a couple of times in Nashville after not hanging out with him for a whole year, but I guess that’s the adult life for you. It was a weird month indeed. A bunch of disappointments, but I found myself eating at dinner tables with full families (mom, dad, kids & pets) a couple of times. I’m pretty confident that was God displaying kind of warmness to how I feel to certain situations. One thing I can say is that I’m confident with what’s in store for the future, but at the end of the day, I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

And start back writing on here.

It’s sad how my generation has a crazy ego problem. Like yeah dude, not responding to a happy birthday text or an Instagram comment makes you so cool bro. People always try to make power moves on you. Smh.